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About Us

Aware & trustful (HK) Co. Ltd. (ATHK) has been established in 2016 to distribute well-known brands of high-quality household appliances. ATHK’s business covers mainland China and Macau, and represents world-renowned high-quality brands such as Laurastar and Hizero.

ATHK operates through its established distribution network, through department stores, chain stores, through comprehensive products and innovative selection of its high-quality brands, to meet all customer groups and needs. Wholesalers, etc., to provide customers with high-quality household appliances products. We provide comprehensive and professional sales and after-sales services established in Hong Kong, and now also expanded to China and Macau.

ATHK sister company-Shenzhen Dingxin Trading Co., Ltd. has a complete online and offline sales network in Mainland China. It has successfully operated the branded BlueAir air purifier. Now it owns Laurastar and Hizero and passes through the sales network of major cities, as well as after-sales service centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, to provide better services to our target consumers.


相知香港有限公司(ATHK)自2016年成立,經銷優質家用電器知名品牌。ATHK的業務遍及中國大陸和澳門,代表著世界知名的優質品牌,例如Laurastar和Hizero 。



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