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HIZERO All In One Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

Three Reasons to Choose Hizero F803


Cutting-edge technology hard floor cleaner. Hizero is perfect for all hard floors – tiles, laminate, and wooden floors. Bionic dual cleaning technology, sweeps, mops and dries.




Hizero saves 80%-90% on water, power, and your time compared to conventional cleaning appliances. It uses just 1 liter of water, 0.01kWh of electricity, and 8 minutes to clean up 100 square meters of floor area. With leading-edge noise reduction technologies, Hizero is 70% quieter than regular vacuum cleaners.

(Data Source: HIZERO laboratory)


Hizero intuitive in every way, no settings to adjust with only 2 simple control buttons, power on and off, setting 1 for regular cleaning or 2 for heavy cleaning. The interface tells you all you need to know, blue when all is good and red when you need to do something.

Hizero F803 Feature

Dual Flow Technology
Hizero never mixes clean and dirty water. We start with one fresh tank of water, which then passes through our absorption system before being stored as dirty water.
Multi-Surface Cleaning
Hizero is designed for all sealed hard floors that are water-resistant. The floors must be relatively flat for the Hizero to work effectively. No use on carpets or rugs.


Hizero applies bionic tech instead of cyclonic or suction technology, there is no air outlet to release air dust, odor, or allergens. We care for you & your family
Super Saver
Hizero saves a lot of water, electricity, and your time. It only takes 35 oz of water. 0.01kwh electricity and 8 minutes to clean up a 1000 sqft floor area.
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Meet the Hizero Cleaner

Hizero goes beyond a vacuum. It sweeps, mops and dries every hard floor. Innovative, simple, smart and economic., Hizero revolutionizes the way you clean your home.

Hizero Ultimate Clean™

Hizero Ultimate Clean™ technology taps into nature using bionic-based science to deliver super-smart solutions for twenty-first-century homes and lifestyles.

Emulating the way animals lick up liquids and solids, our lightweight, contemporary floor cleaners are hyper-efficient and whisper-quiet.

An all-in-one, cordless hard floor cleaning solution that sweeps, mops, and dries using a unique high-density, gentle yet hard-wearing polymer soft surface roller, which also self cleans.

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2021 Product Review Awards Winner, AU

2021 Edison Innovation Award, USA

2019 GIA Global Innovation Awards, USA



Cordless Upright



Li-ion, 19 V DC, 40Wh, 4-hour fully charged session

Water Consumption

1 litre of water will clean about a 100-square-meters (Laboratory test data)


Water Tank Volume

Clean Water Tank: 500 ml
Dirty water Tank: 600 ml







Usage Restrictions

Hard floors use only (such as tiles, laminate, hardwood, all sealed floors)

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