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Laurastar LIFT two-in-one design, can hang ironing and flat ironing

  • Matched with Laurastar original ironing board, taking care of both flat ironing and hanging ironing
  • Choose different ironing methods for different fabrics

Experiments prove that Laurastar DMS steam can kill all coronaviruses

  • Test results conducted by independent laboratories proved that Laurastar DMS steam can kill all coronaviruses. Since all products produced by the Swiss brand are equipped with this “ultra-fine dry steam”, Laurastar is a certified supplier of purifying steam irons.


DMS hygienic vapor can kill viruses on textiles and articles

  • At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Laurastar, as the global leader in high-quality ironing systems, ordered highly professional testing in an independent laboratory. The results confirmed that its proprietary “ultra-fine dry vapor” DMS can kill 99.9% of viruses, including human coronaviruses. For this, there is no need to contact the soleplate of the iron. The technology also eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and fungi and 100% of mites. It can disinfect materials and surfaces naturally without using chemicals.
  • The principle of DMS vapor is transformed by superheating a drop of water. Its volume is multiplied by 1600. The diffusion rate of vapor is 15 times that of the standard. Therefore, it penetrates the fabric evenly, which is easy and labor-saving: the linen is purified, every fiber is full, and the ironing effect lasts longer. DMS is both reliable and efficient. It can beautify clothes and disinfect at the same time.


Lightweight and portable, elegant design

  • All-in-one fashion design, elegant lines, compact and portable body, cloakroom, bedroom “Iron” anytime, anywhere


Fast preheating. Just 3 minutes

  • It can be ironed after 3 minutes of preheating after turning on the machine, with constant pressure and dry steam all the way


Automatic shut-down. Safe and worry-free

  • The machine will automatically shut down after being idle for 10 minutes, saving energy and worry


Iron Storage Rack

  • Vertical storage, does not occupy a place, prevents scalding


Portable Handle Design

  • Round handle, convenient and safe to take


Movable floor

  • Special Teflon material soleplate, no need to adjust the temperature, it can also take into account the suitable temperature of different clothes, and care for the fine materials calmly


Product Specifications

  • Water Tank Capacity:1.1L
  • Steam Pressure:3.5bar
  • Voltage:220-240AC, 50/60/HZ
  • Power:2000-2200W
  • Iron Weight: 1kg
  • Total Weight:5.5-6kg
  • Size:46 x 28 x 28cm
  • Made in Europe



  • 2 Years


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