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本聲明適用於 Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd. 的客戶和 的訪問者,除非在顯著位置顯示單獨的隱私聲明。



我們使用您的信息為您提供 Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd. 的產品和服務或回复您的詢問。我們根據隱私法保護您的信息。我們僅在以下有限情況下共享您的信息:代表您到國會辦公室;就金融交易問題向金融實體提出意見; Aware & Trustful (HK) Co. Ltd. 審計師;法律或法律程序要求的實體,包括執法機構;向承包商和其他實體提供您的產品或服務;或徵得您的同意


我們僅根據您的營銷偏好,在您同意的情況下向您營銷其他 Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd. 產品/服務。您可以通過訪問您的帳戶和編輯您的個人資料來創建或更改您的偏好。



Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd. 關心我們客戶的隱私,如果您對我們的隱私政策有任何疑問,請聯繫我們。

Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd.


This statement applies to Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd. customers and visitors unless a separate privacy notice is prominently displayed.

Personal Information
We collect personal information directly from you and your transactions with us. We also occasionally obtain information about you from verification services and commercial sources, such as to acquire permission-based marketing lists.


We use your information to provide you Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd. products and services or respond to your inquiries. We protect your information under the Privacy Act. We only share your information in the following limited situations: to a congressional office on your behalf; to financial entities regarding financial transaction issues; to Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd. auditor; to entities, including law enforcement, as required by law or in legal proceedings; to contractors and other entities to fulfill your product or service; or with your consent

Your Choices

We only market other Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd. products/services to you with your consent, based on your marketing preferences. You may create or change your preferences by accessing your account and editing your profile.

Important Information
You may access the information we maintain about you by contacting our office at the addresses provided.

In case of any discrepancy between the English version and the Chinese version, the English version shall prevail.

​Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd. cares about the privacy of our customers, please contact us if you any concerns about our privacy policy.

​Aware & Trustful (HK) Co Ltd.

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